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When my acne clients clear they tend to not revisit. Any advice?

Indeed, it is a common occurrence. It is crucial to bear in mind that the majority of acne clients seek our assistance to alleviate or eliminate the condition entirely. Each client will determine when they are content with the outcomes enough to discontinue treatment. This is particularly significant for teenagers who may feel uncomfortable with the service, as well as for their parents who are covering the costs. This underscores the necessity of maintaining active business marketing efforts throughout your career. It is also important to recognize that these clients are primarily concerned with their appearance, focusing on acne presently but eventually considering other potential negative impacts such as skin aging. Utilize acne sessions as an opportunity to initiate conversations regarding long-term skin improvements and methods to decelerate or prevent certain effects. Always offer moms, especially those of teenage clients, a complimentary skin analysis to address any unspoken concerns they may have. This approach is an excellent means to expand your customer base for services, retail product sales, or both!

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