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Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions about Preston Acne Pros courses and trainings. 

Q: Do you feel that an esthetician can operate a successful practice when focused on acne treatments only?

A: If an esthetician’s preference is to specialize in acne treatments, and if their market area supports such a clientele, then this business goal is feasible. However, like any skincare practice, adequate marketing with an acne theme will be necessary for attracting and maintaining such a clientele.

Q: I already have an acne certification from another company. Would it be worth it for me to earn one from Preston Acne Pros?

A: Yes! Many of our Congestive Acne Therapist Certificate graduates have training and certificates from other education providers. You can never learn too much as an acne professional! Each training program will offer a different perspective on evaluating and treating acne, and all investments greater knowledge will benefit your career.

Q: I’m still a student and not yet licensed as an esthetician. Can I still take your courses?

A: Esthetic students are welcome in our training programs!

Q: If I purchase your online training program do I have to take it by a certain time?

A: No. Your online links to the classes do not expire so you can study as your time permits.

Q:  After having been in one of your acne training classes can I contact someone should I have questions about it?

A: Absolutely! Douglas Preston welcomes all past students to reach out to him for help with any educational programs or professional products.

Q: Do your educational programs qualify for continuing education units?

A: Not at present. Our programs are designed to assist skincare professionals advance their acne treatment knowledge and business growth, not necessarily to comply with CEU compliant guidelines.

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