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What if an acne client prefers to use treatment products other than those you recommend?

Well, it happens. Occasionally you’ll encounter a client who seeks your treatment services but clings to the acne regimen they’ve already invested in. Sometimes they simply like the products, and maybe they find what you sell a bit costlier than they want to pay.

Q: What should the esthetician do?

A: Do your best.

I have several clients fitting this description. They have products purchased from a former Esthetician and would like to continue using them. Or they follow some organic/vegan/crazy influencer-promoted treatment line, and rigidly cling to the program regardless of your advice.

Because I have become a “path of least resistance” skincare professional over the years without any real consequence, I’m fine with whatever clients prefers to use on their own.

Here’s the reason: Even without the product sale I still have a service client. Good enough.

Also, no client has ever blamed me for the results (or lack thereof) due to their skincare choices, spotty homecare routines, or lifestyle that contradicts the goal of clearing their acne. I work with what they give me and never worry about it.

Even if my salon treatments barely hold back an acne condition, it’s the client’s sole choice to continue with my services. So, relax, treat the skin as well as you can, and appreciate the business you get!

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