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Struggling with a worsening skin condition despite sticking to a popular online acne regimen?

Updated: Mar 19

"I’ve been using a popular acne regimen I bought online. It worked for a while but now my skin seems to be getting worse. What’s happening?"

This is a common situation, and there can be many reasons for it.

Oftentimes, someone will see positive results from a certain acne product line but, once the skin begins to clear up, they will start to use the products less than recommended, and the acne will return.

Simply following the original routine once more might bring the relief originally achieved.

In other cases, the acne condition may have worsened on its own, and is now defeating the products that had once worked.

This is the time to seek the advice of an esthetician with deep acne treatment experience. They will know how to address the problem, and the best way to treat it.

Teen applying acne product to face.

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