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My best long-time clients rarely ever refer anyone to my services. Am I doing something wrong?

Updated: Mar 19

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Not likely, otherwise they wouldn’t still be your client! Here’s a useful if disappointing insight for skincare professionals: 

When we treat new, satisfied clients their experience can motivate them to share the story with friends, family, and co-workers.

It’s something recent and positive, inspiring enthusiastic discussion with others and can, as a result, lead to customer referrals.

However, like anything new, over time the story fades as a hot topic, and clients cease to tell it unless in circumstances that bring it to mind such as a friend mentioning the need for skincare, or mentioning a son or daughter who is dealing with acne.

Think of a great restaurant or movie you discovered a year ago—how often do you bring it up now?

Customers will always be happy to refer contacts to us but the longer they’ve been our customers, as illogical as it may seem, the less we’re likely to receive those referrals. 

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