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My acne started at 13 but I’m an adult and still have breakouts. Shouldn’t I be over this by now?

Updated: Mar 19

Well, yes, that would be nice, but while many people begin to clear up in their late teens there’s no guarantee when an acne condition will finally disappear.

Many factors are in play here: family genetic history, lifestyle, social and occupational pressures, hormones…

Any one or combination of these influences may keep one’s acne a long-term, uninvited visitor.

No esthetician, physician, or palm reader can accurately predict when one’s acne will cease to be a problem.

I know that sucks but… In the meantime, living as healthfully as possible and seeking the advice/treatment of a qualified skincare professional will do much to keep the problem to a minimum.

And stay away from social media “experts” who are paid to persuade you to buy and do things that may only make matters worse.

adult with acne

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