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I can’t get my acne client to stop picking!

Well, what do you know? Neither can I much of the time.

Clients pick at their acne lesions, sometimes imagined or suspected ones, for lots of reasons out of their (and our) control.

Often, acne picking is almost an unconscious act such as when studying or dealing with a stressful situation.

Other times it’s a high-intensity session in a magnifying mirror, hunting for those elusive and hidden deposits under the skin that usually produces self-injury, scabbing, and the risk of permanent scars.

Mom’s nagging doesn’t work, and neither do your professional admonishments. Pester a teen enough about this and you may lose a valuable client.

The best approach is to inform about the consequences of skin picking and then work around it. We don’t have to perform miracles.

Picking acne in mirror

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