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Can I use benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment for pimples?

Updated: Mar 19

While the anti-bacterial benefits of benzoyl peroxide can assist in resolving an active pimple, the product works best when used as a bacteria suppressant, with regular applications targeted for that purpose.

Isn’t it better to not get a pimple at all than responding to one once it nests in the skin?

So, if you’re acne-prone this may be the best approach to keeping the problem away, or at least somewhat under control.

Yes, it can make the skin dry and scaly but, over time, you’ll largely self-correct, especially if using an acne-appropriate moisturizer. Try our H2Optimum Moisture Creme as the perfect acne skin hydrator!

Preston's H2Optimum Moisture Creme is the perfect acne skin hydrator!

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