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How do I know if I have too many skincare lines for sale in my business?

Skincare lines for a spa or salon

Look at what’s selling and what’s mostly taking up shelf space (and your money!).

Are some skincare lines and products moving quickly while others seem to sit unsold for a long time?

Is your clientele large enough to support a large array of products or are you stocking far too many options for a limited number of buyers?

Is your product selection based on proven need or are you tempted to add new items because of your own enthusiasm?

Does the same old product collection bore you, and tempt you to carry more things just to stimulate your interest again?

So often a seller’s inventory is built upon in-the-moment desire, emotional choices rather than based on actual need, and leads to heavy cost and reduced business profit.

If you’re willing to take an honest look at your retail shelves and ask yourself why certain products are there, you may discover a way to trim your expenses while maintaining meaningful sales.

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