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Mastering the Art of Comedone Extractions w/Rx

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Welcome to an information-packed, acne and extraction video training with 40-year Esthetician Douglas Preston for Estheticians who want to gain top-level knowledge and skill in treating comedonal acne. The program includes 1-Preston Comedone Rxtractor®️, all course materials and Certificate of Completion. Video run time: 3hrs. 40 mins. Class Outline: • About the Acne Client • The Esthetic Acne Treatment Alternative to A Medical Approach • The Esthetician’s Advantage Over a Physician as an Acne Advisor and Treatment Provider • Congestive (Comedonal) Acne: Root Causes and Symptoms • Identifying Various Types of Comedones • The Development of Follicular Inflammation and Pustules (Lesions) • About Milia • Preventing or Reducing Follicular Congestion • Congestive Acne and Dietary Influences • The Hormonal Connection • Realistic Expectations with Acne Clients • Comedone Extraction and the Preston Rxtractor®️ • Comedone Extraction Strategy • When Not to Extract • Performing an Acne Treatment Procedure (live model) • Extraction Demonstration with the Preston Rxtractor™ (live model) • List of Preferred Acne-treating Product Ingredients and Their Benefits "This was an amazing course!!! It was very informative and easy to follow. Usually, online lecture styled courses tend to be very tedious and boring to watch but this one was very interesting and kept my attention." —M


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Congestive Acne Therapist Certification



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