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Mastering Congestive Acne: Analysis and Treatment

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Our comprehensive acne training course is designed to help Estheticians address congestive/inflamed acne clients and achieve positive results in controlling this stubborn condition.   Video run time: 3hrs. 40-min. Course outline: Part A Identifying typical acne lesions • Comedones (open and closed) • Papules • Nodules • Pustules • Understanding types of acne pimples • Non-inflamed acne • Inflamed acne • Cystic acne Part B Acne influences • Hormonal responses • Acne scarring • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) • Congestive acne and dietary effects • Acne and heredity • Common acne mythology Part C The medical connection • Medical acne treatments: friend or foe? • Commonly prescribed acne drugs and side effects Part D The acne client • Working with acne clients • The acne client consultation process (demonstration) Part E Treating acne • Practical acne esthetics • Acne treatment strategy • Treating post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and erythema • Prescribing in-salon and at-home treatment programs • Post-salon treatment follow-up call • Addressing limited treatment results • Acne regression • Effective acne treatment ingredients Part F Conclusion • Program wrap up/questions and answers


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Congestive Acne Therapist Certification



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